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Wild Ember


doula. birth photographer. advocate for radical change.

Advocate for radical change.

Mountain water runs through my veins. Authenticity, honestly and bravery are core to my soul. I leave no iPhone notification unchecked. I fight a daily battle of trying to raise three wild, courageous, true-to-themselves kids in a society that is constantly trying to put us all in pretty, perfect boxes.

I've been a crime journalist, a firefighter, a deputy coroner, a victim advocate and an EMT. And yet, becoming a mother, showing up as a mother every day, parenting differently than I was parented... these are the bravest things I've ever done. 

Hello friend, I'm Lindsey

Birthing your baby is a core-altering, turn-your-world-upside-down, blow-your-mind experience with no do-overs.

I want YOU to be in charge of that transformation.

An empowered birth achieves both.

You want a healthy baby.
I want a healthy mother.

You are the star of this birth show. Your partner is your No. 1 fan. Your baby is the best trophy imaginable. 
Me? I'm here to make sure you're fully-informed and prepared for your birth journey. I provide education, evidence, birth planning and holistic support before, during and after birth.

Shelby Trout

My experience hiring Lindsey as our doula and birth photographer was nothing short of amazing. She was supportive, kind, respectful, and knowledgeable throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Having Lindsey there to advocate and support me made a world of a difference and I really can’t recommend her enough! The amazing photos are the icing on the cake.

"My birth didn’t go quite as expected but it still ended up being the most incredible day."

Rebeckah Hall

I love birth photography and I know how hard emotionally and strenuous and time consuming a birth can be. You made it look easy and enjoyable!!! 
I couldn’t have asked for more from these photos and video!! It means so much to me. I appreciate you so much!!

"Lindsey coached me through the hard moments while capturing it all."

Mia Snow

I was worried that I wouldn't be "good" at being photographed during labor because I really don't like having my picture taken in most other contexts. You were not obtrusive at all and didn't interfere with anything so I stopped worrying pretty quickly after you arrived! 

"You captured a LOT of moments that I had already forgotten about or never noticed in the first place."

When I'm on-call, my entire life adjusts so I can drop everything and come to you, no matter when that is or how long your birth takes. My commitment to serve you and attend your birth is the same at 35 weeks as it is at 44. 

What if I go past 40 weeks?


Nope! I can't replicate the oxytocin that comes with love and touch from your partner. My role is to foster a space where neither of you have to worry about anything but being together. You know one another, I know birth!

Will you replace my partner?


You don't need anyone to give birth. The difference, though, is that your doula is there for you and only you. We provide uninterrupted birth support. Your midwife, OB or L&D nurse will have other patients and responsibilities. 

I have a midwife, do I need a doula?


Quick answers to my most asked questions

Join the community! This is an annual subscription program for families looking to connect with other parents and keep their photos up to date. We'll get gather four times each year for a photography session and networking with experts in birth, sleep, parenting and more!   

Little Wild Embers

Full doula support may not be the best option for you. Not to worry! I can help you develop your birth plan and practice advocating for your preferences. 

Birth planning support

Doula support + birth photography and videography packages tailored to you. All doula packages include birth photography as a postpartum processing tool with prices varying with level of documentation. 

Doula + Documentation

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