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You're not one-size-fits-all, so neither are my packages. Our work together will be tailored to your needs, but these outlines will give you a general idea of what to expect. 

We're living in the same wild world of economic ups and downs. If you are passionate about working with me, I'm passionate about working with you. Let's chat and figure out how to make it work!

You are wonderwoman.

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I'll be your
 go-to sidekick.

  • 5+ weeks 24-hour on call time, typically beginning at 37 weeks 
  • Unlimited active labor & delivery support and 2+ hours postpartum
  • Hand-edited images delivered via digital gallery
  • Prenatal meeting to discuss birth options and preferences
  • Optional attendance at one prenatal appointment (typically 36 weeks)
  • Virtual support provided from time of hire through postpartum
  • Access to client library & Evidence Based Birth archives
  • Custom laminated quick-reference birth plan for you and your provider
  • Discounted add-ons for photography sessions & film options
  • Unlimited access to the a digital store for prints, albums & more
What's always included?

The best of both worlds! All of my doula packages include images because I passionately believe in the power of imagery for postpartum processing. The variation in this pricing really comes down to the number of images you want and whether or not you want videography included.
Have questions about how call time works? Curious what happens if your baby comes super fast? What about if your labor lasts for several days? Head on over to my FAQ page for answers to these burning questions and more!

Packages ranging from $1,250 - $3,500

Doula + Documentation

  • 5+ weeks 24-hour on call time, typically beginning at 37 weeks 
  • Full documentation coverage for labor/birth/2+hours postpartum
  • Hand-edited images delivered via digital gallery
  • Full gallery delivery within 3-6 weeks
  • Discounted add-ons for photography sessions & film
  • Unlimited access to the a digital store for prints, albums & more
What's always included?

Birth work is all about relationships. It's vital that you find a team who fits you just right. If you already have that team behind you and now you just need a professional to document your birth, you've come to the right place!

<3 NOTE: This option is available to clients who are planning a home or birth center birth and for hospital birth clients who have a doula on their birth team.

packages starting at $1,250

Have a doula already?

This one is for you!

I don't delete birth imagery. Ever. You can tailor the package to the price that works for you right now. When you're at a point where it makes more financial sense, you can buy more images!

purchase more images later on


I offer payment plans, including options for continued payment after the birth for photography & videography packages. You can also submit to insurance for doula services!

smaller payments over time


I know budgets are tight when you're welcome a new baby.
I can help you add my services to your registry so friends and family can chip in! Babylist is great for this... and things like house cleaning and meals too!

Book early & add to your registry


Let's talk payment options...

Full doula support may not be the best choice for you. Not to worry! You still have options.

intrinsic power

Tap into your
  • One extended prenatal meeting to discuss history, options & preferences
  • Structured virtual support from time of hire through direct postpartum
  • Access to client library & Evidence Based Birth archives
  • Digital client guide: What to pack & when to go!
  • A custom designed & laminated birth preference sheet + digital file for printing and sharing with providers
  • Video call in the third trimester to discuss scenarios & practice advocacy

Birth Planning Support


  • Labor & delivery doula support 
  • Full access to evidence-based birth data
  • Documentation of labor/birth/2+hour postpartum
  • Digital album containing 50+ hand-edited images
  • 5+ sneak peek images delivered within 72 hours
What's always included?

This option is for women who are are within one week of their guess date, in early labor, planned cesarean births, inductions with a set date and/or families who are willing to risk not having me available to attend their birth. If I am unavailable to attend the birth for any reason, the fees will be transferred to a newborn photography & film session and postpartum doula visit. 

Packages ranging from $1,250 - $2,250

Off-Call Services

There is a reason it's difficult to put the experience of giving birth into words. The sensations, the emotions and the many, many unknowns are indescribable and unique to the person experiencing them. 
Birth is a rite of passage, an odyssey and a deeply personal journey. It transforms pieces of you that you may not have known were there, but become wildly important along your journey of motherhood. 
Here's what I do know: Your body is perfectly and intricately designed to birth your baby. 
We cannot fully understand the power of this process and the divinity at work when life sparks inside of you. No one tells what to do to make your baby's heart begin to beat. There's no playbook on how to grow a placenta or an umbilical cord. Just as your body does these things without instruction, so too will it know how to bring your baby into your arms.

I believe in birth's perfect design

Now, when I say I believe in your body's innate ability to birth, that means I also believe when your body and baby are saying, "We have to make a different choice."

Sometimes contractions don't start even though your waters have been long released. Sometimes labor extends far beyond what your energy stores can handle - you need rest but the contractions keep coming. Sometimes you just KNOW it's time to reassess.

We cannot always know why these things happen, but I believe your body and your baby do. And, perhaps, they also know that you have options, even if those options weren't in your original plan.

I believe in your intuition

I believe in all circumstances that you should be the authority over your body and the decisions for your birth. Even when plans change, your preferences should be honored.
I believe all options should be presented to you  clearly, calmly and without bias, allowing you to draw on your own knowledge, desires and intuition to make the decision that is best for you and your baby. 
I believe in your ability to understand and weigh your options and make decisions that honor your values and beliefs. I believe no one on Earth loves your baby more than you. I believe no one other than you can decide what is best for you and your baby. 
I believe when you are treated with love, respect and dignity in this time and space, you will find power beyond anything you could ever imagine. 

I believe in your autonomy

Why Lindsey?

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